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Booking Information

Our Company’s Contract

1. Greenleaf Tourist club (here in after called “we”) makes suggestions of schedules and activities that meet customers’ wishes, and arranges transportation and accommodation for the tour.

Completion of Tour Contract

1. Tour contract comes into effect after payment is made (or after the first installment).

Conditions of Tour Application

1. Clients on special diet, activity restriction, or in need of special care for health or religious reasons should inform us at the point of inquiry.

2. Please let us know emergency contact information (name, address, phone number and email address) to enable us prepare for contingency.

3. If you have travel insurance, please send us a copy of your insurance certificate.

Terms of Payment

1. The payment must be made at least a month prior to the tour date.

2. Some reservations including Gorilla Permits and hotels are only confirmed after payment. This payment must therefore be made earlier than a month prior to the tour date.

Mode of Payment

1. We accept payment by cash, Ugandan banks’ checks, electronic payment transfer and credit card. Please click here for details on payment by credit card.

Refund in Case of Tour Cancellation

1. In case of cancellation, we will refund the total amount of what still remains with us at the point of cancellation notice, transportation, accommodation and activity cost that will be returned to us from reserved facilities or service providers (“suppliers”). The client will cover the cost of transfer of funds.


Example: If you cancel your booking 14 days prior to the tour date.

* Full-refundable items

The amount that we were going to pay during the tour (fuel, entrance fee for national parks).

* Partly refundable items

The amount that suppliers agreed to refund after charging cancellation fee on transportation, accommodation and activity cost.

* Non-refundable items

Service fee. Daily payment for the driver, translator and tour guide.

Our Liability

1. We arrange for transportation, accommodation and activities for the tour. Although we may hire other agencies to substitute some arrangements, if a customer suffers loss or damage because of improper arrangement we take full responsibility for it.

2. In case there is inadequate transportation, accommodation or activities, we will give notice to suppliers and re-negotiate.

3. We obtain information regarding destination’s security, health and hygiene, and inform customers as necessary.

4. In case of emergency, we provide humanitarian assistance such as emergency contact, ensuring safety, introducing medical institutions and so on. Clients will be required to cover extra costs.

Customer’s Liability

1. Loss or damage caused through a customer’s willful intension, fault or action that is against laws or public order and morality will be compensated for by the customer.

2. Members of a group tours are encouraged to choose a representative who carry delegated authority of members, and the representative will need to hand in a name list of members to us.


The company will not be held liable under the following scenarios:

1. In case a tour is changed/cancelled or loss/damage arises because of natural disaster, riot, strike, government and public offices’ order, accident during free (unorganized) activities, food poisoning or theft.

2. In case a tour is changed/cancelled, or loss/damage occurs because of accommodation facilities or as a result of a service provider’s activity.

3. In cases where a tour is changed/cancelled, or loss/damage occurs because of accommodation facilities’ or activity service providers’ mishandling even though all arrangements have been made contractually.

4. In cases where a tour is changed/cancelled, or loss/damage occurs because customers could not enter the country or get on board for reasons such as visa, vaccination or remaining period of passport.

5. In cases where a tour is changed/cancelled, or loss/damage occurs because of problems between members when a tour consists of several travelers.




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